29 June 2009

H1N1 : Pay up to S$2000 to treat H1N1

We take a break from our usually blogging of tech.

Today, I saw some interesting discussions on the net and would like to know your opinion about whether it is worth risking yourself in getting H1N1 ?

If you are down with flu, and you call 993, the first thing you will have to pay the following :

S$90(or S$100) for the ambulance
S$214 for the H1N1 checks.
S$xx for expired Tamiflu tablets.

The bulk would be the 7 day average stay in "Hotel Hospital" costing at least close to a thousand. Even if you are insured under medishield, can that be claimed, i do not know.

So, get ready to pay S$2k if you are confirmed H1N1 case. This are just my estimates, the bill might be smaller than the estimated if 'subsidised'.

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