29 September 2009

M1 launches no-contract plan packed with postpaid benefits

M1 launches no-contract plan packed with postpaid benefits

SINGAPORE, 29 September 2009 - M1 has launched a new and innovative tariff plan that will allow customers to enjoy the benefits of postpaid mobile services without the contractual commitments normally required for such services.

Customers who sign up for the new SuperPac plan will be the first in Singapore to be able to make unlimited free outgoing calls and surf unlimited data between 12 midnight and 10am daily. They will also enjoy unlimited free incoming calls and per second billing. In addition, customers get free IDD calls to 19 destinations and free caller ID display.

To start enjoying these super benefits, customers can take up either one of 2 plans; S$25 (comes with S$30 worth of value) or S$38 (comes with S$60 worth of value).

These benefits are valid for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, customers simply have to reload their SIM cards to continue to enjoy the services. Reload Cards that cost S$25 and S$38 but give S$30 and S$60 worth of value respectively can be purchased for this purpose. Unique to the SuperPac plan, unused credits will be rolled over.

“With the launch of the SuperPac plan, we have demolished the notion that one needs to be tied down to enjoy postpaid mobile services. This plan will appeal to the segment of customers who are cost conscious and who like to track their mobile spending without foregoing the benefits of the postpaid plan that they are accustomed to,” said P Subramaniam, Chief Marketing Officer of M1.

“Many of our younger customers who are on the go 24/7 will also find the SuperPac plan’s unprecedented offer of unlimited free calls and data surfing in the early hours of the morning irresistible. It is the perfect plan to meet their communication and entertainment needs any time of the day,” he added.

The SuperPac plan will be available from tomorrow at all M1 Shops and exclusive retailers.


Anonymous said...

M1 ghost prepaid card! ;)

Anonymous said...

This plan looks pretty good on the outside, but it may not really be good for some.
Let's say I have a $15 post paid plan, I only fork out $15 per month provided I don't exceed the usage limit.
If I switch to this plan, I need to fork out $25 per month to reload it.
While it's good that the value get accumulated over time, I may never use all of the accumulated value.

hdtv said...

I would take a data card and use voip over it.

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