10 October 2009

Pay S$23 to watch EPL on Singtel Mio Tv starting next Aug

It is good news that you need to pay only S$23 to watch EPL and S$2 more for ESPN etc as according to the press release from Singtel and news sources ASIA1. For those who just watches football and nothing else, it is a good news.

Now wait, if you do your sums correct, it is not just S$23. You probably forgot the S$8.33 fix line. If you have ported your Singtel number over to Starhub, you will need to resubscribe a fix line just for that purpose. Of course if you ues MIO HOME and triple pay, it might be waived off.

There are also some other "hidden" costs that you ought to take note as discussed at this link below.



Home Theater said...

hmmm, another hidden cost ..lol

hdtv said...

As always.

hdtv said...

As always.

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