02 November 2009

StarHub ‘happy to host BPL’ Set-top box offer for SingTel pay-TV shows.

Straits Times has publish the following article. Starhub is willing to talk to Singtel to have BPL delivered both on Mio TV and as a channel on Starhub TV. This would allow existing customers to subscribe to the channel (but pay to Singtel) and stay on using the same set top box without the need to install another set top box from Singtel.

This is a smart move of Starhub but I doubt Singtel will take the bite. They might for example do that for certain areas that are not within their coverage though. Again, Singtel would also deliver it via DVB-T encrypted.

Of course, if Starhub has something to offer to Singtel, for example the whole suite of Star TV channels, BBC or TVB series of channels to be delivered via Mio tv platform in exchange, maybe that would work out.

Don't forget the companies that sells the exclusive contracts would not let Starhub or Singtel do that.

STARHUB has offered to carry SingTel’s pay-TV content on its set-top box, which could mean that pay-TV subscribers will not need to switch set-top boxes or get another one to watch content from Singapore’s two pay-TV players.

SingTel has yet to give an answer though, and said this was the first it had heard of the offer.

When news broke last month that SingTel had won the rights to pay-TV’s crown jewels – ‘live’ Barclay’s Premier League broadcasts, as well as sports channel ESPN – from StarHub, football fans complained that they would need a set-top box for StarHub programmes and a SingTel box for sports.

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