04 January 2010

My experience with LG BL40 Chocolate touch screen phone

Most people like me will be surprised by the longish large screen form factor of the LG BL40. The first thing that comes to my mind is that, is it a fashion or a geek phone ? Does it fit into your pants?

From the advertisements on the TV, it seems to be a lady's phone. That is the first perception that most people get. In fact, it is a feature phone that will appeal to a full spectrum of users from young to adult, men and women.

The longish 4" wide screen touch screen design really captivates me and on lookers. Although it doesn't use OLED technology, It's wide screen playback video in full glory. The display contrast is impressive as there is no greyness in the display of black. (Try it with the Avatar video that comes with it). You can also enable the Dolby Mobile Sound to experience theater like audio on it.

There are also a couple of games that comes with the phone. I particularly like the Fishing game where you use the motion sensor to catch the fishes. There is also a touch screen piano which adds to your mobile entertainment.

For the young who wants twit and update your status, the LG BL40 comes pre installed with MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. With a data plan SIM card or WiFi you can be connected and surf the net. Watch YouTube stream to your LG BL40 with ease and Upload your pictures taken by the 5 mega pixel camera to your friends using the HSPA high speed data access.

Other than being an entertaining device, the LG BL40 can double up as a executive assistant. The large screen 345x800 can operate in both portrait and landscape mode. With multi-touch technology, you can zoom in and out of picture, web pages for information on the go. You can also access your corporate email, Gmail etc. You can now read mails just like what you do on Outlook. The Dual UI (user interface) shows the email subject and contents in one view. Instead of searching the email subject then open a new window to view contents, subjects and contents can be quickly cross checked simultaneously. You can also edit your SMS or text with one touch copy & paste of text.

With the New Chocolate BL40's Gesture Shortcut, you can access menus by drawing simple icons on a touch pad. You can set up each of your frequently used menu items to be accessed by one of the twelve gesture icons stored in the handset.

In all, the LG BL40 fits nicely in my pocket and has all the nifty features all put into a phone. As it is a feature phone, we will have to depend on LG to provide more applications specific to this platform. Otherwise, we are left with Java midlets that runs on this platform. So far, I have tested Opera Mini, Google Maps and they worked well with the LG BL40 Chocolate.

This is simply an amazing piece of art and technology that I would recommend to my friends.

Below is a video which shows the LG BL40.


Anonymous said...

I have seen the video of you: LG Chocolate BL40 multimedia & gaming demonstration video

I come from Germany and have just received my BL40.

Can you tell me how to use the APP: SNS. get or where it is located?
Can you help me??

Sorry for the bad English.
I can only translate it ;-)

Many greetings from Germany

hdtv said...

It should be available from the main menu. Which version of the firmware are you using?

joon said...


It seems lil bit late to post comments on this but I also have some questions to ask you.

I am located in N.America(NJ) and recently started using this phone w/ AT&T. Since the AT&T does not provide this phone, I purchased unlock phone from web. The phone is awesome and I love it so much but I have problem setting up the internet connection. WIFI works fine but the phone cannot detect the any other network automatically. I have data plan also but everytime I try to browse through web, the connection fails and if I am in place where WIFI is available, the it just connects through WIFI. It seems like I will have to set up the connection but I cannot find any infos on web.
Pls let me know if you have any idea on this. You could email me if you want : minneeee@gmail.com

hdtv said...

You can to set the APN settings to the correct AT&T 3G network

hdtv said...

Is AT&T network on WCDMA 2100?

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