03 March 2010

Samsung sells 3D LED TV 3 mths ahead of SONY

From LCD TV to Full HD LED TV, and now we have 3D TV from both Sony and Samsung. Although both launch just one week of another, both uses similar technology and requires you to wear an active google or glasses which is powered by a tiny lithium battery.

Samsung surprises everyone with the C series of 3D TVs as they can upgrade your existing 2D contents to 3D. How do they do that ? I have no ideas. It seems that they are pretty confident on what they intend to sell by end of this month in Singapore and in South east asian and Australia/NZ 3 months ahead of the Sony's 3D BRAVIA LX900 series.

No details were released about how many googles will they bundle in and pricing is not available yet for C7000, C8000 and C9000 models.

Below is a presentation of the SAMSUNG 3D LED TV lanuch of the 3 models held at Suntec yesterday (video courtest of OCWorkbench).

Source : OCWorkbench

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