27 March 2010

Starhub to regroup channels under different genres?

Starhub subscribers would have noticed some to the channels on their set top box. If you notice there are new channels 402 (International/Ethnic/FTA), 404 (Sports Channnels), Channel 446, Channel 515.

According to what we understand, Starhub intends to re-group the channels to various genres. e.g. Channel 300 series is already HD channel. So, maybe we will have Channel 400 series will be for Sports channels, free to air and Ethnic channels.

Perhaps Mandarin channels will also be regroup under another 3 digit number group.

Anyway, we have been seeing an advertisement on Starhub TV saying that there will be changes on 30th APR. I suppose that is the schedule date for the regrouping of the channels. Be ready to re-program your favourite channels on your set top box.


Sport said...

The more channels the better.

Tan Jia Hui said...

I thought the advertisement on the Starhub TV is saying that the Remote Control will change to a new remote control.

rtfgvb7805 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

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