20 April 2010

Mediacorp ch 8 screening in wide screen 16:9 format

HD in Singapore doesn't seem to be the in thing these days. Look at the miserable HD5 and you know what I mean. There are practically no intention to push HD in the FTA, less with a few hours of real HD programming.

Instead, Mediacorp has been making available some of its programmes in Wide screen 16:9 aspect ratio. This is a bonus for wide screen LCD TV users. I have been waiting for this day since I bought the tv 3 yrs ago.

At last Channel 8's 9pm drama gets the 16:9 right and you see the actors and actresses in the right size. No more fat heads on the screen.

Live programmes such as the Star Awards was also presented in 16:9. The best thing is that these signals can be transmitted in analog format. So, even if you do not have a Starhub TV box or mio box, you also get the correct aspect ratio.

For those who are still using the CRT BOX, it is time to upgrade as more programmes will be presented in widescreen format.

Just wondering why the Ch 8 7pm drama is still in letterbox format. Since it is shot in HD, it could be downscale to SD but in wide screen format to fit the whole screen. Perhaps the people at Mediacorp can do something about it.

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