05 April 2010

Singtel mio tv drops Aljazeera English Channel on it's Pay TV

According to dljz blog, Singtel mio tv has officially dropped the English news channel Al Jazzera English (AJE) from the channel selections on Mio TV platform. It is unknown why Singtel decided to drop it. It is not as if Starhub can carry it as an exclusive channel as new regulations prohibits exclusive contracts.

A check with the MioTV site does indicate that the dropped Middle East news channel has been replaced with “newer adequate choices” such as Russia Today, CCTV 9 (China) as well as Euronews. Russia Today is provided FREE on both Mio TV and Starhub.

Al Jazeera has series of programmes scrutinizing the socio-economic problems in Singapore, more than any other news channel. Likewise programs from the defunct mediaworks Channel U were also scrapped and the channel merged into Mediacorp in 2005.

You can read the original blog entry here.

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