30 June 2010

SkyFire 2.0 for iPhone is coming; Skyfire 1.0 and 1.5 will remain available as a free service in the following countries after July 1st: United States, U.K., Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Korea and Taiwan.

SkyFire 2.0 coming; Skyfire 1.0 and 1.5 will remain available as a free service in the following countries after July 1st: United States, U.K., Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Korea and Taiwan

Jeff Glueck, CEO of Skyfire wrote on the SkyFire blog explaining the rationale behind the SkyFire 2.0 and ending support in most countries.

"Focus is critical for any start-up, especially one growing as fast as Skyfire. We’ve grown users 400% in the last year. We’ve launched Skyfire 2.0, which is an entirely new architecture and our flagship going forward. We added some 600,000 users on Android in our first few weeks, and Skyfire 2.0 for iPhone and iOS is coming soon for submission to the Apple AppStore. Meanwhile, we’ve been approached by a number of major wireless operators and handset vendors about embedding Skyfire 2.0 into their default browsers, out of the box.

Our team took a hard look at where we could double down our limited resources on these “hockey stick” growth opportunities, and on Skyfire 2.0.
As a result, we have decided to stop all future development on the old “proxy” Skyfire 1.0 (including version 1.5) architecture, and focus on the 2.0 product, which is our future. With 2.0, Skyfire has introduced the first “hybrid browser” in the world, combining the best of native webkit rendering with the best of cloud web services, including our famed rich media engine, mash-ups, and more.

Yesterday we began notifying 1.0 users outside of North America and Western Europe that we will phase out the 1.0 service. Because 1.0 is only on Windows Mobile and Symbian, only those handsets are affected. Our 2.0 product is growing incredibly fast and continues worldwide. Skyfire 1.X will no longer be supported outside of North America and Western Europe effective July 1st, 2010.
We will bring Skyfire 2.0 to more operating systems over the next year, after Android and iPhone. The exact sequence will depend in part on discussions underway with potential OEM partners, to embed the SkyBar service on devices “out of the box,” as part of the default browser. Skyfire 2.0 is not a browser as much as it is a “cloud service” that boosts the performance and features of the native browser on any device. When you download Skyfire 2.0 as a consumer, you get everything your default browser would do, and more.
Skyfire has been a free, ad-supported app, and as such, it does factor into our decision that the cost of operating the 2.0 product runs a fraction of Skyfire 1.0 per user. 2.0 is not a proxy; only SkyBar services call on our cloud data centers, not the basic page load.
As an ad-supported app, we have seen that in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and other emerging markets, the mobile ad market and search monetization are very early stage. They are not mature enough to support the Skyfire 1.0 service operating cost. Skyfire had only officially-supported North America and Western Europe launches, but users in over 150 additional countries had “unofficially” downloaded the product. It was time to focus our resources on officially-supported countries, and on Skyfire 2.0 going forward

We know this decision is an inconvenience to many Skyfire 1.5 users in emerging markets, and while it’s a free service, we appreciate how important and valuable Skyfire has become to people. We have read the many impassioned messages from users in affected countries, and the choice to focus on our flagship product does involve trade-offs which are never easy. In the book Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton Christianson argued the biggest mistake a company can make is straddling its original product and its next-gen product. With 2.0, Skyfire is going all out to support webkit, html5, and cutting-edge web services. In the long run, everyone will be better off if Skyfire focuses its resources on innovating our flagship product for years to come, bringing it to more users, across the most popular smartphone and multimedia phone platforms.

So stay tuned – there’s lots of good 2.0 product news to come….
- Jeff Glueck, CEO of Skyfire

Note: Skyfire 1.0 and 1.5 will remain available as a free service in the following countries after July 1st: United States, U.K., Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Korea and Taiwan.

29 June 2010

Starhub TV adds 7 more HD channels to its stable - FOX HD, FX HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, STAR World HD, Food Network Asia HD, FOXCRIME HD and Nat Geo Adventure HD

Enjoy The Widest Selection Of Premium HD Content Only On StarHub TV

Seven new HD channels to be launched

Free viewing of eight HD channels for StarHub TV customers - AXN HD, FOX HD, FX HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, STAR World HD, Food Network Asia HD, FOXCRIME HD and Nat Geo Adventure HD

Singapore, 29 June 2010 – StarHub TV viewers can soon enjoy more of their favourite channels in full High Definition (HD) glory. StarHub TV will be boosting its channel offerings with the launch of seven new HD channels progressively from July 2010.

The new HD channels kicking off on 1 July 2010 are FOX HD, FX HD, Nat Geo Wild HD and STAR World HD, while Food Network Asia HD will be launched on 5 July. Another two HD channels – FOXCRIME HD and Nat Geo Adventure HD – will be launched on 16 September 2010.

As a treat for StarHub TV customers, StarHub is offering free viewing of the seven new HD channels, together with AXN HD, from launch until 31 December 2010. The free viewing is open to customers who subscribe to the corresponding Standard Definition (SD) channels. StarHub TV’s HD channels are available only for customers with a HubStation HD, HD Interactive set-top box [1] or HD set-top box.

With the addition of the seven new channels, the total number of HD channels available on StarHub TV will be increased to 14, making StarHub the provider to offer the widest range of HD TV content in Singapore, ranging from sports, movies, lifestyle, education and entertainment. Local viewers can look forward to catching premium HD content in real time on StarHub TV and be assured of the reliability and immediacy of its quality network.

Said Ms Ong Bee Lian, Vice President of Home Solutions, StarHub, "StarHub strives to provide the best entertainment programmes for our customers with an excellent and reliable viewing experience. Viewers can now enjoy a variety of exciting content ranging from sports, dramas, movies, documentaries, lifestyle to entertainment programmes in HD with crystal clear picture clarity, full vivid colour and in widescreen broadcast – the combination of which will offer a breathtaking home cinematic experience available only on StarHub TV. With 14 HD channels onboard, StarHub is well-positioned to be the Home Of HD in Singapore with the widest and most interesting selection of HD content for our customers."

"As Asia’s largest international network, our launch of six new HD channels on StarHub TV marks a significant milestone for Fox International Channels. With the launch of FOX HD, FOXCRIME HD, FX HD, Nat Geo Adventure HD, Nat Geo Wild HD and STAR World HD, in addition to the existing National Geographic Channel HD, StarHub TV subscribers have a full suite of HD channels from across multiple genres in general and factual entertainment. We will continue to entertain our audience in Singapore with greater choices, top quality content and a high quality viewing experience right in the comfort of their own homes," said Mr Avinash Himatsinghani, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Southeast Asia, Fox International Channels.

Existing customers who wish to have their set-top boxes changed can bring their set-top boxes down to any StarHub Customer Service Centre for a one-to-one swop and self-install. The public who wish to take on a StarHub TV package can call 1630 or visit www.starhub.com/tv for more information.

- END -

[1] Launched on 7 May 2010, the HD Interactive set-top box is an affordable and convenient option for StarHub TV customers to access HD channels and Demand TV. HD Interactive is available on a rental basis, at $6.42 (with GST) monthly for the main set-top box.


List of HD channels on StarHub TV

Channel Name

Channel Number

Upcoming channels

Food Network Asia HD (To be launched on 5 July 2010)


FOX HD (To be launched on 1 July 2010)


STAR World HD (To be launched on 1 July 2010)


FX HD (To be launched on 1 July 2010)


Nat Geo Wild HD (To be launched on 1 July 2010)


FOXCRIME HD (To be launched on 16 September 2010)


Nat Geo Adventure HD (To be launched on 16 September 2010)


Current channels

All Sports Network HD 256

AXN HD 559

Discovery World HD 461


National Geographic Channel HD 457

HBO HD 655

Sports HD


Upcoming programmes available in HD format


Castle (Season 2)

Parenthood (Season 1)

Cougar Town (Season 1)

Accidentally on Purpose (Season 1)

Desperate Housewives (Season 6)


Nurse Jackie (Season 1)


NCIS (Season 6 & 7)

For a more detailed schedule, please refer to the On-screen TV Guide or the Online Programme Guide

Spirit iPhone jailbreak updated, plays nice with iTunes 9.2

There is an updated version of the Spirit iPhone jailbreak, where it will now work nicely with iTunes 9.2. This might come across as good news for folks who already have iTunes 9.2 up and running on their machine and want to use Spirit to jailbreak their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, but bear in mind that this is not an iOS 4 jailbreak. It does look likely, however, that a public version of Spirit for the iPhone 4 will happen when Apple releases their iOS 4.01 update later tomorrow in order to combat the Death Grip saga that cropped up with the iPhone 4 release.

28 June 2010

SkyFire will no longer be supported in most countries wef 1st Jul 2010

The well known cloud web browser "SkyFire" that runs on Windows Mobile will stop functioning with effective from 1st July 2010. Here is a message that pops up when I run Skyfire on WM 6.5.3. The reason given is that SkyFire wanted to offer the best possible service level for our officially supportered customers and coutnries. Skyfire is consolidating the countries in which it operates.

Here is a screen shot of the post by SkyFire.

27 June 2010

Starhub to launch more HD channels soon

Here is a screen shot I saw from Facebook, looks like it would be some channels for the English Entertainment group ?

25 June 2010

Apple responds over iPhone 4 reception issues: you're holding the phone the wrong way

Engadget ust spoke with Apple and got the straight dirt on the reception issues that have been plaguing users today... and it's a little surprising. In essence, Apple cops to the fact there are reception issues with the new iPhone -- namely, that if you cover the bottom-left corner of the phone and bridge the gap between the notch there with your naked flesh, you could see some signal degradation. Yes, you read that right: it's not a software or production issue, simply a matter of the physical location of your hand in regards to the phone's antenna. The company's suggested fix? Move your hand position, or get a case which covers that part of the phone, thus breaking contact. As you can see in the email above which just arrived in our tip box, this is a sentiment which runs pretty high at the company. Here's the official statement:
Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone. If you ever experience this on your iPhone 4, avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of many available cases.
We know what you're thinking, and we're thinking it too: this sounds crazy. Essentially, Apple is saying that the problem is how you hold your phone, and that the solution is to change that habit, or buy one of their cases. Admittedly, this isn't a problem that exists only for the iPhone 4 -- we've seen reports of the same behavior on previous generations (the 3G and 3GS), and there is a running thread about this problem with the Nexus One. While it is definitely true that interference is an unavoidable problem, we can't help feeling like this is really a bit of bad design. If the only answer is to move your hand, why didn't Apple just move the antenna position? What we can say without question is that in our testing of the phone, we had improved reception and fewer dropped calls than we experienced with the last generation, and we never noticed this issue. Additionally, when using a bumper we can't recreate the signal loss. So, now we have an answer... all we're wondering is whether or not the company will start handing out bumpers pro-bono to those who are experiencing problems. It certainly seems like the right thing to do.

Update: To add a little perspective, check out a video from 2008 after the break showing the same issue with the now-ancient iPhone 3G (thanks Inge).


24 June 2010

Sony Ericsson launches Xperia X8 revealed

Xperia X8 extends the Xperia X10 family with this new Android phone. It is smaller than the Xperia X10 but larger than the X10 Mini.

The functions are similar to that of the X10 mini. Here are two videos which shows the features of the X8.

22 June 2010

Ultrasn0w Officially Unlocks iOS 4 for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS

Ultrasn0w now supports iOS 4. The infamous iPhone Dev Team has confirmed that ultrasn0w version 0.9.3 can effectively unlock iOS 4 for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS handsets, allowing early adopters to choose any operator’s services, on top of those partnering with Apple (such as AT&T in the US).

The iPhone Dev Team announced the feat on its Twitter stream. ultrasn0w 0.9.3 works with all basebands from 04.26.08 through 05.13.04, according to the release notes: “iPhone DevTeam’s 3G and 3GS software unlock, now with added PwnApple. Compatible with basebands 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01 and 05.13.04! Thanks to @sherif_hashim and @Oranav for contributing baseband crashes.”

redsn0w Jailbreaks iOS 4 on iPhone 3G, iPod Touch

Hours after the release of Apple's major iOS 4.0 software update, the iPhone hacking iPhone Dev Team has released hack to jailbreak iPhone 3G and iPod Touch devices. The highly anticipated iOS 0.4 release brings multi-tasking, wallpapers and several other features. The iPhone Dev Team has released redsn0w 0.9.5 beta 3 for jailbreaking iPhone 3G and iPod touch. This tool is available for Mac as well as Windows platform.

The new redsn0w 0.9.5 beta also hacktivates iOS 4.0 update running iPhone 3G. Hacktivation is the process of activating the iPhone with non-official SIM card. Now, all iPhone 3G phones with baseband between 04.26.08 and 05.13.04 can be unlocked using ultrasn0w 0.9.3 update from Cydia Store.

This new jailbreak tool also allows you to activate multi-tasking, wallpapers and shows battery life in percentage format. Unfortunately, the iPhone 3GS and iPod touch third generation owners will have to wait for a couple of days/weeks to jailbreak, hacktivate and unlock their devices.

HTC Wildfire to lanuch on 7 July 2010 in Singapore

The low end Android 2.1 phone HTC Wildfire will be launched in Singapore on 7 Jul 2010. This phone is supposed to take over the Tattoo. It comes with a Capacitive screen with Android 2.1

Type: Capacitive touch screen with pinch-to-zoom capability
Size: 3.2 inches
Resolution: 240 x 320 QVGA

Android™ 2.1 (Éclair) with HTC Sense™

CPU Processing Speed
528 MHz


ROM: 512 MB
RAM: 384 MB
Expansion slot:
microSD™ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)
Supports up to 32 GB

Power & Battery1
Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Capacity: 1300 mAh

Talk time:
WCDMA: Up to 440 mins
GSM: Up to 490 mins
Standby time:
WCDMA: Up to 690 hours
GSM: Up to 480 hours


5 megapixel color camera
Auto focus and flash

3.5 mm stereo audio jack
Standard micro-USB
(5-pin micro-USB 2.0)

Digital compass
Proximity sensor
Ambient light sensor
HTC Widgets

Bookmarks, Calculator, Calendar, Clock, FM Radio, Friend Stream, Mail, Messages, Music, News, People, Stocks, Weather, Settings (such as Profile, Ringtone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), and more
Downloadable widgets
Social Networking

Facebook™ for HTC Sense
Friend Stream
Photo sharing on Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter
Video sharing on YouTube™
HTC Peep for twittering

Unlock 05.13.04 / 05.12.01 Baseband on iPhone 3GS 3G, iOS 4 with ultrasn0w 0.93

http://www.redmondpie.com/how-to-jailbreak-ios-4.0-with-pwnagetool/Its here! This is what you all have been waiting for!! Ultrasn0w 0.93 has been released to unlock all iPhones on the latest 05.13.04 (on iOS 4) and 05.12.08 (on 3.1.3) basebands. The guide for unlocking is exactly the same as posted here, except for the Cydia repo which this time is: repo666.ultrasn0w.com. Follow that one until we update the post here! Stay tuned for more!

Oh and guide for jailbreaking iPhone 3G for iOS 4 can be found here, and for iPhone 3GS with iOS 4 can be found here.

21 June 2010

Windows Live Messenger now available on iPhone

Windows Live Messenger for iPhone and iPod Touch is the best way to connect with the people that matter most and keep up with the things they are doing across the web. Use your iPhone to instant message your friends list, view and comment on your friends’ photos and status updates from Windows Live, Facebook, and MySpace, and at a glance, see what your Messenger friends are sharing from Flickr, YouTube, and many other social and photo sharing sites. Make sure to visit http://profile.live.com/Services today and setup Windows Live to bring in your social networks. Messenger is simply the best way to connect with your closest friends.


Instant message with your Windows Live Messenger and Y! Messenger contacts on the go so you’re always connected to the people that matter most. You can even receive IM notifications when your app is closed so you never miss a message.


Windows Live Messenger gives you one place to view the updates your Messenger friends are sharing from social networks like Facebook, Flickr, MySpace and more, helping you cut through the clutter on the go.


Upload photos right from your phone to share your favorite moments with the people that matter most. Create albums, add captions, and let your friends and family comment on your photos.


Access your Hotmail account without leaving the app to read, reply to, and compose emails. Get email notifications within the application so you know when you have new messages.

Apple iOS4 Ready Applications with Multitasking

If you intend to upgrade your iPhone 3GS to iOS4, you must be wondering what sort of applications are READILY available to take advantage of the OS multitasking capability. Below is a list of the apps compiled by redmondpie.

Twitterrific 3
ESPN ScoreCenter
Flickit Pro
How to Cook Everything

Fandango Movies – Times & Tickets

Motorola Droid X first look, how does it compare to Samsung Galaxy S

Motorola Droid X first look! Looks like the Samsung Galaxy S has a real serious contender. This amazing phone might be the Motorola Milestone X for European and Asian market?

Nokia N8 the symbian^3 mobile phone LIVE video

Just came across the upcoming Nokia N8 Symbian ^3 mobile phone video. From the video, you can see that the phone is still not as responsive as iPhone. Nevertheless it has some neat features. Check out the video.

M1 Apple iPhone 4 Pre-ordering site leaked; iPhone 3GS 8GB will also be available for pre-order soon

Singapore's telecom operator M1 Ltd has put up a page for pre-ordering of Apple iPhone 4 on it's website. In addition, there is also text indicating that M1 would also be carrying the LATEST iPhone 3GS 8GB version (Coming Soon).

Stay tuned for more.

20 June 2010

Apple iPhone OS 4 will be released on 21 Jun 2010

Apple iPhone OS 4 will be released on 21 Jun 2010. Will you install it over itunes over the net ? What are the improvements over 3.1.3 on your iPhone 3GS?

Below is a chart that depicts the functions available. It will bring the functions of iPhone 4 to 3GS ina  way; most importantly multitasking.

Singapore TV media to trial 3D

While HD hasn't really taken off in Singapore, the various media companies are now engaging onto another big project, 3D television broadcast.

If you have been following this blog, you would notice we started blogging abt HDTV HD5 a few years back. To date, HD5 is still a 1/8 cooked HD channel with most of the programmes upscaled and most of it in 4:3 aspect ratio. The only good thing is that some of the films are now broadcasted in 16:9 on the normal Channel 5 for wide screen TV. The regret is that those who do not subscribe to Mio tv or Starhub HD (pay for extra to loan HD interactive box) are not able to really enjoy the beauty of HD.

Soccer fans are also charged a high price of S$90 for the World Cup in HD over MioTV/Starhub TV.

The bonus is that if you are already a subscriber of MioTV, you can catch 4 matches in HD on HD5 (Starhub subscribers you need to pay more for a HD box).

Other than sports, we only have some miserable HD channels on both platforms charging an arm or a leg. Some of these include the keep looping NatGeo HD, DiscoveryHD, History HD. There is VOD for TVB dramas in HD and HBO HD. You will probably have to pay per view per episode. Some new additions include AXN HD.

If you say there are no contents, it is not entirely true. It is just that the contents are excessively priced and unreachable for most. Even if you can afford to pay, you will be treated with re-runs and re-runs of the same education programmes.

So will 3D broadcast take off in 1 yr's time? I seriously doubt so.

11 June 2010

HD screen shots of World Cup opening match on Mediacorp HD5

While most people are probably still trying to tune in SD with the Over the air RF transmission from Malaysia and Indonesia. We are able to tune in to the simulcast of the opening match in HD glory.

Below are some screen shots of the match just a few minutes ago.

09 June 2010

Offers at PC SHOW 2010 and Price List Flyers

If you are looking for the latest price list and offers at PC SHOW 2010 that begins tomorrow. Here is a website that has the latest flyers available for viewing on your web using PC/MAC, iPhone or Android handsets. The link is at http://forums.ocworkbench.com and http://www.ocworkbench.com