20 June 2010

Singapore TV media to trial 3D

While HD hasn't really taken off in Singapore, the various media companies are now engaging onto another big project, 3D television broadcast.

If you have been following this blog, you would notice we started blogging abt HDTV HD5 a few years back. To date, HD5 is still a 1/8 cooked HD channel with most of the programmes upscaled and most of it in 4:3 aspect ratio. The only good thing is that some of the films are now broadcasted in 16:9 on the normal Channel 5 for wide screen TV. The regret is that those who do not subscribe to Mio tv or Starhub HD (pay for extra to loan HD interactive box) are not able to really enjoy the beauty of HD.

Soccer fans are also charged a high price of S$90 for the World Cup in HD over MioTV/Starhub TV.

The bonus is that if you are already a subscriber of MioTV, you can catch 4 matches in HD on HD5 (Starhub subscribers you need to pay more for a HD box).

Other than sports, we only have some miserable HD channels on both platforms charging an arm or a leg. Some of these include the keep looping NatGeo HD, DiscoveryHD, History HD. There is VOD for TVB dramas in HD and HBO HD. You will probably have to pay per view per episode. Some new additions include AXN HD.

If you say there are no contents, it is not entirely true. It is just that the contents are excessively priced and unreachable for most. Even if you can afford to pay, you will be treated with re-runs and re-runs of the same education programmes.

So will 3D broadcast take off in 1 yr's time? I seriously doubt so.

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