09 September 2010

Touch screen Nikon has HD video

Camera maker Nikon has unveiled its new slim Coolpix compact, boasting a 14.1 megapixel lens, high-definition (HD) filming and with an easy-to-use touch screen.
Weighing 133g (including battery and memory card) the Coolpix S80 is lighter than some mobile phones, yet packs a 5X zoom and 720p HD video camera.
However, it is the high resolution 3.5 inch organic LED touch screen that Nikon believes has raised the bar for its compact cameras.
Mark Pekelharing, product manager at Nikon said: "The S80 demonstrates Nikon's commitment to lead the touch screen camera category.
"The high-quality screen allows you to interact with your images with ease whilst its high-speed performance captures the perfect shot quickly and in clear definition. Providing substance as well as a unique sense of style, the S80 is the perfect camera for the fashionable photographer."
For example, the S80's Touch Shutter function allows users to focus or take a picture just by touching the relevant area on the screen, and makes framing shots more intuitive.
With the screen's 819,000 pixel resolution, editing - using the cameras inbuilt filters and colour effects - is also possible without the need to upload photos to a computer first.
Despite its tiny proportions Nikon said the S80's battery life is capable of taking 150 shots.
The compact is also packed with features to improve portrait photography, like its face-priority focus, skin softening, smile timer, automatic red-eye remover and blink proof shooting - which takes two sequential shots.
The S80 costs £329.99. It hits shops on October 7.

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