29 December 2012

Changing of Nucleus Connect ONT to M1's ONT

I have been using the M1 fibre broadband for over two years. I would say it is one of the most affordable plans available.

Time to recontract and I took up the S$39/mth 100Mbps with free 1GB data.

I requested M1 change my existing Nucleus Connect ONT to M1's Black ONT so that I can do away with the Residential Gateway from Huawei (for voice, wireless).

The day came and Nucleus Connect people came to activate the port two of the Access point on the wall socket. Yesterday, M1 technician came with the black ONT. I removed the Nucleus Connect ONT and replaced it with the M1's own ONT. It didn't work as the fibre line was connected to Port 1.

When switched to port 2, the blinking stopped. The direct connection from the new ONT to my Notebook couldn't find an IP.

The technician called back and was told to install the Residential Gateway to the ONT. With the Residential Gateway installed, everything works just like before.

I was like huh ? Didn't I want to do away with the RG and now I am still stucked with the RG. He told me that I need to return it to M1 shop before they can process the paper work to switch over.

I told him I was told to bring the RG back after the porting is over. Looks like I will have to do it next week as i do not wish to have any down time over the New Year Weekend.

Something I discover though is that with the new ONT connected to the RG, wireless connectivity performance improved. I am able to get around 65Mbps. It used to be only 42Mbps.


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