25 April 2013

MDA rules that Singtel must share EPL content with Starhub under its "cross-carriage" agreement

At last the next 3 seasons of EPL will be available on both Singtel and Starhub. This has been something that most football fans are looking forward to. Unfortunately, Singtel signed a NON EXCLUSIVE agreement with the provider. The MDA's cross carriage agreement was meant for "exclusive" content. So, Singtel was able to outsmart by signing a non-exclusive deal with the provider. Singtel signed a deal with FAPL and it was non exclusive. As it is non exclusive, Starhub can sign the deal with the EPL provider on their own. Apparently, it didn't work out. Starhub filed complains to MDA alleging foul play that the deal Singtel signed was actually an exclusive one. Today, in a statementm the Media Development Authority (MDA) finally ruled that SingTel must share the content with StarHub under its "cross-carriage" regime after looking into StarHub's complaints against SingTel. Source

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