13 December 2013

Draco DVB-T2 set top box for receiving FTA Digital HD broadcasts available for sale

Singapore's MDA has announced that Mediacorp free to air channels will go digital by year end of DEC 2013.  Unfortunately, they chose to use DVB-T2 standard abandoning the previous investments in DVB-T. Current digital TV sets with DVB-T Tuner is incompatible with this new standard.

If you are not a subscription tv subscriber (SingTel mio TV or Starhub TV) and you would like to receive the HD broadcast from Mediacorp, you would need to purchase a set top box and plug it to an external antenna.

The set top box is now available at some retail stores at Clementi Mall. The brand is Draco and it costs S$120+GST.

The price far exceeds the MDA's initial price range of S$60-S$100 or so.  According to the sales man, I am the first person to enquire about the set top box.

Will you get one ?

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