31 October 2015

An Analysis of Top 20 counters of SGX (Friday 30th Oct 2015)

An Analysis of Top 20 counters of SGX (Friday 30th Oct 2015)

Predictions of what will happen on Monday.

Disclaimer: This is my prediction and I do not hold any responsibilities if you end up with a bad trade or lose money based on the prediction.

^ - up , v - down , -- maintain

Yuuzoo ^
Noble v
Spackman --
StratechGroup ^
Ezra v
Golden Agri --
Singtel v
Genting SG v
Loyz Energy v
Hu An Cable v
Blumont v
HPH Trust --
CapitalLand v
MMP Resources v
Rowsley --
Global Logistics v
Magnus Energy --
DairyFarm USD  ^
Adventus v
ThaiBEV --
Wilmar Intl --
Ezion ^
APAC Strategic ^

Which counter do you trade?

26 October 2015

Oxley 5% retail bond, maturity 2019

If you thought Fixed Deposit rates of 1.9% is high enough, perhaps you have overlooked at retail bonds which gives you a better edge better than those 10 yrs NTUC or Tokio Marine insurance savings plans.

Lately, there are a couple of retail bonds available and it is definitely a god send for savers. Singapore Savings Bond has a 10 yrs period an averages 2.7% pa over 10 years which is very safe AAA investment in Government bonds.

So, what about corporate ones. Well, we already have 3 launches this year - Frasers 7 years @ 3.65% in May this year, Aspial 5 years @ 5.25% around August, and Perennial 3 yrs @ 4.65%  (the latest just on board SGX).

The new kid on the block, and that's Oxley holdings. So far, little details are out other than it has $100 million will be issued to the general public and $25 million will be for institutional investors, with DBS as the book runner for the bond.

At 5%, if you put in a 100K, that would mean you will be collecting S$5000 per year or S$416 per mth (note dividends are paid every 6 months).

As it is a 4 years retail bond, it should be relatively safe as Oxley holdings holds several residential/industrial/commercial properties in Singapore (about 80% of which are freehold) and some in London, Cambodia and China. Didn't look through the annual report much, but at the very least they are making money in 2013 and 2014.

So, will you go for it? Comment below.