21 April 2016

How to prevent Ransomware from installing in your system

Lately I heard of friends seeking help as their computers were affected by RansomWare. Ransomeware is some sort of backdoor application or script that is installed into your PC. They usually comes as attachements in ZIP files.

If you unknowingly installed it, it will execute the Windows Host Script and starts encrypting your important Documents, Excel spreadsheets etc.

When you try to open it, it will pop up a message asking you to pay to 'unlock' the important file.
Ransomware seems to be rampant these days. It not only encrypts your data files and ask you for money by holding you ransom for the important files. So, how can one avoid installing ransomware unknowingly?

So how do you prevent it ?

To resolve this, you can try to disable the Windows Host Script by following the instructions here by disabling the WSH in REGISTRY using REGEDIT.

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